Italtile Code of ethics

The Group believes that a productive workplace is characterised by an environment in which service, efficiency and harmonious teamwork relationships are of primary concern to all.

Italtile Whistleblowing

The Italtile Group is committed to honesty, integrity and transparency in all its activities and operations. Accordingly, we subscribe to the Be Heard® reporting service.

Should you be, or become aware, of any behaviour related to the Group which you may consider to be inappropriate, unethical or unlawful you are invited to contact Be Heard® via a range of communication channels. The smartphone app can be downloaded (at no charge) by scanning this QR Code or by downloading the app from the two app stores. For reference, the website address is:

Reports may be made anonymously, unless you choose to provide your name and/or contact details, and if you do, these details will remain confidential unless you provide express permission to disclose them.

Should you require any advice or guidance please contact [email protected] or [email protected].